J D Sports

We have worked with JD Sports for a number of years and in this time have built strong relationships around supplying and maintaining our leading CCTV and intruder alarm systems. The success of these initial systems then led to more specialist devices being specified, these include Smoke Cloak Devices, Access Control Systems and Garment Grip Alarms.

Project specification

  • CCTV installation/maintenance
  • Intruder alarm installation/maintenance
  • Access control
  • CCTV installation – Samsung dome cameras, DVRs, public awareness and control monitors, high quality. Systems networked to JD’s own 24 hour control station – advanced dual streaming over network – high quality.
  • Two way audio – powerful security deterrent
  • Alarm inputs to allow sensitive areas of the shop to be viewed remotely on alarm activation
  • Intruder alarm – visual verification – no false alarms
  • ACT 10 door alarm to protect doors leading from sales floor to stock room area
  • Garment grip alarms provide effective protection and deterrent of high priced garments on display

Benefits to JD Sports

  • Only genuine alarm activations – no false alarm problems
  • CCTV powerful deterrent to both staff and would
 be shoplifters
  • Extremely low shrinkage figures
  • Remote networking of CCTV and intruder alarms reduces false alarms

All CCTV and intruder alarm systems are networked to JD Sports and control stations. This provides JD Sports with a number of added benefits. One of the main benefits being that all intruder alarm activities are visually verified thus overcoming any false alarm issues.

Daytime monitoring of the CCTV includes sensitive areas such as back doors, response to EAS tagging activations and till points. The networked DVR also allows a two way audio facility which provides a very powerful deterrent.

The systems and the way JD operates and manages these provide a powerful deterrent to both staff and would be shoplifters.

The net result of this is the JD’s low shrinkage figures.

Other products that we supply and install for JD include the following:

  • Stand alone pin access control – installed to protect doors leading from the sales floor to stock room and back of store areas
  • Smoke Cloaks – a powerful deterrent against break ins or large scale antisocial behaviour

Garment grip alarms
An effective method of protecting high priced garments on display.

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